Why SEO is a Must For Shopify Stores

Building an eCommerce store is one thing, getting traffic and sales is another. Shopify has made it incredibly simple to launch an online store, and as of this year, they are still one of the best platforms around for this purpose.

However, no one has created an instant way to turn on traffic and get sales out of thin air. For that, you need an organic strategy. Here’s why you may want the help of a Shopify SEO company in 2023 if you really want to see your online store succeed.

Shopify SEO: Is it Worth it?

Unless you luck out with an aged domain or a viral social media campaign, chances are you absolutely need an SEO strategy. However, this is where many store owners fall short.

Just writing a blog here and there or updating some meta titles in your spare time is not going to be enough to get your Shopify store seen by Google. And yes, you may have heard that Shopify stores are designed to be SEO friendly. This much is true… however there is no secret instant recipe for organic traffic. Being SEO friendly just means that the platform is up to date with current trends in terms of URL structure, page speeds, taxonomies, and other basic things that were not as common ten or even five years ago.

So just because Shopify happens to be great for SEO doesn’t mean you are actually “doing SEO” yet. There is a big difference here.

And yes, Shopify SEO is worth it. Being able to strategically place your store in the top search results in Google for high volume money keywords is still one of the best ways to invest your marketing budget in 2023. Even above social media advertising, influencer marketing, and other modern tactics. People are still looking at the top search results in Google for a majority of their eCommerce needs, and this trend doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon, even with disruptions in the market such as TikTok and ChatGPT.

Why is a Shopify SEO Company Necessary?

This is an excellent question. Quite simply, SEO isn’t a “one man show.” If you think you or your single internal marketing person is going to be able to create and implement a full fledged Shopify SEO strategy, you likely aren’t up to speed on just what goes into SEO in 2023.

Here are just a few of the things that are needed in order to make SEO work for Shopify stores:

  • A well-thought out keyword strategy that analyzes low hanging fruit and medium difficulty keywords that can be implemented on target pages in order to get them to rank in the hopes of generating revenue (not just impressions and clicks).
  • Frequent blog content that is SEO optimized and written with a strategy behind it. Several blogs per month is the minimum, several a week for competitive industries and niches.
  • A strong backlinking strategy that also includes SEO press releases and content marketing.
  • Technical updates and monitoring for spam links.
  • Internal linking techniques.
  • Page speed optimizations as needed.
  • Being able to pivot the strategy when the market shifts or when Google releases updates.

This is just the core of what goes into SEO. Meta titles, alt tags, adding content to target pages, and other points are also important. Shopify stores need plenty of TLC in order to rank – and most of the time, a Shopify SEO company is a must if you want this to actually happen. Again, free organic traffic is very hard to come by in 2023 – it’s unlikely that you will “luck into it”, and even if you do, there’s no guarantee that you will remain competitive for long without an ongoing SEO strategy in place.

Think of Shopify SEO as your chance to acquire valuable digital real estate. Make sense? A talented Shopify SEO company like Genius eCommerce can help you get this real estate and attract more traffic and potentially more sales. We recommend giving them a call and getting an audit going. It’s worth it if you want to see organic growth!

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