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If you are on a private network, only you should have Internet access using the IP. This IP address is usable by networking devices such as modems and routers. This IP address is allocated for network equipment like modems and wireless routers. This IP address is primarily utilized by TRENDnet ( Access has been gained through the IP addresses,, and to your Wireless Bridge, bridge, or control panel. This IP address will serve as the default gateway for the network.

List of Router Usernames and Passwords for

Good! The old password for your router is still valid. This is a list of factory-issued login credentials. The following routers are recommended:

There are other types of network hardware, but the default gateway IP address for Linksys and other brands of routers is The administrative IP address for the router is Network administrators typically use this IP for router administration. You may manage DNS, Proxies, LAN, WLAN, DSL, ADSL, MAC, and WPS Block in addition to IP Quality of Service (QoS).

How to Easily Login to

These are the procedures that need to be taken to connect to successfully:

  • You may access your router’s configuration settings and configuration adjustments by entering into the administrator interface.
  • To reach this server, enter into your browser’s address bar or click here.
  • If difficulties persist after changing the IP address, your router’s IP address is not
  • Type your router’s IP number into the web browser’s address bar.
  • The login screen is displayed when this occurs, and the user is prompted to input their credentials.
  • Enter the username and password for router access.

I Forgot the Username and Password for My Router’s IP Address (How Should I Do?

You’ve never changed it before, right? If they are not on the list, you must reset the router by pressing and holding the button for 10 seconds using a needle or toothpick. The default login information for 192.168 is listed below.

  • If your modem is malfunctioning, rebooting it should resolve the issue. Typically, a reset button on the bottom or back of the modem will do the trick.
  • If you press and hold this button for around 20 seconds, your modem will reset to factory defaults (you might need a toothpick for this).
  • Suppose you’ve forgotten your username or password but haven’t changedyour default login information. In that case, you can regain access to your network by reading our default router login list.
  • You should only use this if these parameters have not been modified.Login into the router’s administrative interface allows access to all network settings.

Here are the usernames and passwords required to access

Router Username and Password List

Suppose you’ve been using the router’s default password for a while. Only the most essential login information is displayed. Select your router model from the drop-down menu to go to the correct setup page.

How to Find the IP Address of Your Router?

Try another IP address,,, or, if you cannot reach your router at (prolonged loading times or completely unresponsive pages). Thus, feel free to examine our selection of router IP addresses. Check out our guide on discovering your router’s IP address for more information.


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