Welcome Benefits of Uni Card

Uni Card has gained enormous popularity due to the features it comprises. As the need for credit cards is increasing day by day the company keeps on updating it. It offers benefits like buy now pay later, welcome bonuses, rewards, cashback, and many more. You can avail here perks from various categories. In addition, you didn’t have to pay a joining fee or annual charges to obtain it. Uni Card has proven out in every aspect by providing financial assistance to customers. Today customers rely on financial institutions to maintain their day-to-day needs. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of lenders to introduce new reliable things into the market. Raed down more to understand the “Welcome Benefits of Uni Card”.

Did Uni Card offer a welcome bonus?

As time passes the craze for credit cards keeps on increasing. However, the competition in that segment is also increasing day by day. Today you can even find many types of credit cards available that cater to different sections of society. India is a vast country and hence the needs keep on changing. Further, it is necessary to stay up with their demands because it helps the country to grow. 

A Uni Card is a kind of credit card. It comprises various benefits that you can resolve a number of problems in your life. Moreover, banks have been introducing credit cards today with welcome benefits. They are very attractive and gain so much attention from customers. A welcome benefit is something that a lender offers to you when you join a credit card. However, there are added benefits that you can avail. As today almost every credit card comes with a welcome benefit such as Uni Card also. 

When you join the credit card the bank will provide you with a welcome kit. Consequently, the kit will come with a chocolate bar, and a personalized baggage tag. In addition, your Uni Card will also come with that welcome kit only. Furthermore, the onboarding process for Uni Card is very fast so you don’t have to wait for so long. Simply submit all your documents and the bank within a few working days will deliver the card to your doorstep. However, the bank will verify all your documents and then only accept your application. That’s why it is very necessary to fill out all the details carefully. 


The Uni Card is one of the best credit cards that you should obtain. It comes with an end number of benefits. However, one of its best features is the Buy Now Pay Later. It allows you to break your total bill into three equal payments. Further, you can pay them in easy EMIs later on. It is a very useful feature because it will help you to purchase your favorite item and put so much pressure on your pocket. In addition, the Uni Card is a lifetime free credit card. So there is no need to pay any sort of joining fee or annual charge to reap the benefits. 

To apply for the card you need certain documents with you. They are necessary because the bank will verify them before accepting your application. Furthermore, submit your identity proof, address proof, aadhar card, photograph, and income proof. Be very particular about it and submit your correct information. If in case your information is incorrect the bank will deny your application. Hence, it is advisable to cross-check before submitting the documentation. However, whether you are salaried or self-employed both can apply for it. As per the policy, there is no need to have a particular occupation to obtain the Uni Card. 

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