11 Tricks That Can Make Your Writing Alluring

I know you have already read tons of blog posts about enhancing your writing skills. Still, you have opened my post. So, why is that?

It means you haven’t got your desired solution until now.

You have hired professional write my dissertation experts services to get support with your tons of pending assignments. 

Maybe you have enrolled in various writing courses, but nothing worked. 

I think no one ever pointed out the problems preventing you from becoming an excellent writer.

Let’s understand that first. Then I will give you a clear idea of improving your writing skills.

So, start from here.

Why Does No One Care About Your Writing?

I’m sure you often ask yourself this question and look for the answers. But in this advanced digital era, the internet is increasing by millions. So, the competition is highly serious. According to a study, almost 94.3% of pages out of two million don’t get any organic views from Google!

No wonder your page is one of them. But maybe it will be easier if you know what is holding you back.

That’s why I’m here to tell you what is wrong with your writing. 

There can be hundreds of reasons that can keep you away from reaching your audience. 

I’m including the most important factors here. Let’s have a look – 

  • You Don’t Write Engaging Content

Why will anyone read your writing if that is not attractive enough? Maybe you need to change your writing type, or you are just choosing the wrong topics.

Don’t give all the importance to your liking while writing because ultimately, the readers will decide whether your write-up is worth reading.

  • You Don’t Promote Your Writing Enough

How will people read your content if they don’t know that you exist? Yes, you heard it right. Your digital footprint is not strong enough to bring enough visitors to your page. 

When everyone is busy creating content, you can’t sit back and relax because it’s just half of the battle that you are done with. 

Most people spend most of their time on social media. So, you need to present your skills there if you want to get noticed.   

  • Your Page is Not Well-Designed

Maybe you cook great food, but no one will show interest in eating if you serve it on a broken or dirty plate. That’s how psychology works.

Presentation is always important. If your page is boring, people will not spend time on it. 

Only a clean, user-friendly, and catchy design can bring curiosity to people’s minds. 

How Can You Make Your Writing Worth Reading?

Human psychology hates mediocrity. 

They need an internal and external urge to go on with something.

So, when writing, you must do something that compels people to read. 

If you do your research, you can see that around 7 million blog posts get published daily. 

And according to a study, 77% of people who use the internet regularly read blogs.

It means some people have excellent writing skills.

So, there shouldn’t be any reason that intimidates you from writing. 

You can also acquire excellent writing skills, as it’s not rocket science!

But the question is – How?

I hope this blog will give you a satisfying answer.

So, please read the blog till the end.

10+ Hacks to Bring You’re A-Game On with Your Writing

1. Strengthen Your Basics

You can only hope to write excellent content one day when you have an idea of the basic principles of writing. You don’t have to follow Shakespeare’s style but must understand basic grammar and punctuation. Only then you can start writing. 

2. Don’t Avoid Writer’s Block

Maybe Robert Bruce was your icon, but you can still not write a single word on your laptop screen. Writer’s block is common. And you shouldn’t take it lightly. It means your brain is out of ideas, and you need food. Only one thing can help you, and that’s reading books.

3. Read Like You Eat & Drink

Human beings can’t live if they don’t eat and drink. Similarly, writers can’t exist if they don’t read. It’s a necessity to build the idea factory in your brain. Excessive reading will give you an understanding of excellent works and an eye for scanning the mistakes. You can read the popular writers’ works in your field to learn how they bring effectiveness to their writing. 

4. Do Your Research Like Sherlock Holmes

Maybe it’s time; it’s time to avoid copying others’ work and do something independently. You are here to create something unique, and you will be only successful if you do the ultimate research. Trust me, the more time you spend on research, the more uniqueness you can bring to your writing.  

5. Outlining First Will Give you Brownie Points

Staring at a blank page for a long time can give birth to unintended stress. But outlining the topic first will surely speed up your writing. You can think of it as your battle plan or a road map before starting your journey. I know you haven’t done it before, but what’s in a try? 

6. Be Active but Simple While Choosing Words

Readers love to read when writers follow the SVO (Subject+ Verb+ Object) sequence in their sentences. It makes them feel like you are talking to them through your writing in real time. And using simple words makes this process easier than ever.  

7. Write Like It’s the Only Thing You Can Do

You can’t be a writer if you just think about it but never do anything. The secret of being an excellent writer is hiding behind the word ‘Practice.’ Before becoming a writer, you need to write. And before becoming a good writer, you need to write a lot. That’s how things work. 

8. Short Sentences & Paragraphs Can Win Hearts

If there are unending sentences or chunky paragraphs, will you read something with interest? Our brain doesn’t work that way. We can easily remember something when both the sentences and paragraphs are short. No doubt, this technique can make a write-up engaging. 

9. Edit Your Write-up Ruthlessly

It is one of the most efficient parts of being a good writer. Instead of injecting extra words into your write-up, try making it minimal. When editing, be hard on yourself for the sake of the quality of your writing. 

10. Cut the Bluff & Make It Healthy

You can give your write-up a toned shape only when you use the backspace button for those words, phrases, or sentences that don’t add any effective meaning to the content. So, resist your temptation to keep everything in the article you have written if you want to be a credible writer in the future. 

11. Promoting Will Show You the Future

Only writing is not enough to reach your audience. You need to market your writing skill. Make sure you are doing it properly. 

Final Thoughts,

Does writing seem as hard as you were feeling before reading the blog?

I hope that your answer is a big ‘No.’

You need to understand that no writing is perfect. You will not have the luxury of adding poignant sentences throughout your blog and making it beautiful.

But when you brush up on your skills and follow my tips, you will be a confident writer.

And student life is the best time for doing this. You can take a part-time content writing job if you want to earn to support your career from an early stage. 

So, use these tips like a whetstone for your sword, I mean your pen or keyboard!

About the Author

John Wilson is a popular essayist and English literature professor based in London. He is associated with MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk, through which John offers high-quality assignment help services to students worldwide. In addition, John loves to read about plants and gardening in his free time.

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