Top Canadian Custom Writing Services to Win Students’ Hearts

If you could get a penny for every student who says, “I love writing assignments!” you’ll have to give up your dream of becoming a millionaire. Because even if you search the ends of the earth, you definitely won’t find a million students who honestly love writing their academic papers. In fact, factors like poor grades, lack of time and poor writing skills often put students off from this task.

The rising demand for professional academic writing services in Canada proves that even countries renowned for academics aren’t immune to students opting for easier methods to skip assignments. While hiring professionals to assist with academic papers is the new norm, you must be careful with your choice.

Why Isn’t Hiring Writing Services as Easy as it Seems?

Thousands of students in Canada, whether in high school or pursuing PhD in universities, opt for professional writing services. As a result, such websites have mushroomed recently without proper quality control. According to Leslie Sanders, a 2nd-year Political Science major, “The expert I hired rushed through the paper and just copied sections for internet sources.” Sanders isn’t the only one with such complaints. Therefore, when hiring any professional writing service, you need to ensure that the website provides the following:

  • Reliable academic scholars with adequate qualifications
  • Experts who can deliver assignments on time
  • Top-quality content free of errors and plagiarism

With most websites claiming to provide such benefits yet failing to meet their tall claims, it becomes a hassle to shortlist the best ones of the lot. Well, that’s where my investigation will help you out! Throughout the past few years, I’ve dived into thorough background research on every available custom assignment writing service in Canada to determine the most reliable ones. Let’s explore them one by one.

10 Custom Writing Services You Won’t Regret Hiring in Canada

When reviewing the assignment writing services in Canada, I’ve decided to prioritize the following criteria and form an opinion depending on how the services fulfil them:

  • Ability to deliver top-notch content
  • Ability to deliver papers on time
  • Communication abilities
  • Pricing range and discount availability

The websites mentioned here might not be perfect, but they’re all-rounders that have surpassed expectations in the above criteria.

[Disclaimer: The author is not associated with any of the websites below, and they are arranged in no specific order.]

  1. is by far the most popular custom writing service in Canada. Trusted by students of all educational levels, this website has made assignment writing a piece of cake for all. The experts always prioritize composing original content after much research. Furthermore, almost 98% of students have praised the service for providing timely assistance.

Reasons to hire –

  • Well-researched original content
  • Good for tight deadlines

Most students who have hired before have praised the service for its dedication to providing excellent papers.

  1. has over 1500 PhD scholars who can help you in 100+ disciplines. Almost every professional has graduated from a reputable university in the USA or Canada and has a stellar academic and professional record. Based on my investigation, nearly 86% of the experts have worked at the company for over a decade. Hence, their experience in the field is priceless.

Reasons to hire –

  • Experts with outstanding reputation
  • Exceptional professionalism

Since the experts have years of experience providing custom writing, you won’t have to worry about plagiarism issues.

  1. provides the most affordable custom writing guidance that you will find in Canada. With a 4.9 client rating, this website claims to be a “one-stop solution” for students’ homework problems. After reviewing the services provided here, it’s safe to say no exaggerations were stated. The experts offer sample assignments customized according to your requirements, suggest valuable tips to overcome writing issues and focus on improving your knowledge in a particular topic.

Reasons to hire –

  • Provides solutions to all kinds of assignment issues
  • Offers multiple discounts and offers to reduce prices has already made quite a name for itself in the student community. Yet, despite its popularity, it continues to provide uncompromising services without faltering.

  1. deserves special mention for being one of the most recommended custom writing websites in Canada. The service has over 5000 scholars with exposure to international academia. They have attended conferences, presented papers and are well aware of the high educational standards in the country. Therefore, almost 99% of students claimed to have improved their grades under their guidance.

Reasons to hire –

  • One-on-one tutorial services with top scholars
  • Sessions personalized according to students’ needs’s tutoring services focus on helping students solve their issues and become more self-reliant. So, those who continuously need help with their assignments prefer this website instead of spending hundreds of dollars hiring experts for temporary solutions.


While’s clientele isn’t specifically restricted to students in Canada, it has nonetheless managed to leave a great impression. Originally focused on delivering quality writing services in the UK, the website has opened several branches in the USA, Canada, Australia, etc., due to high demand. In addition to assisting with writing custom essays, the experts also help with dissertations, research papers, case studies, projects, and other academic papers.

Reasons to hire –

  • Ease of hiring experts for assistance
  • Excellent collection of free sample papers

It’s important to note that the experts have composed every sample paper from scratch to ensure they include up-to-date information and the latest developments in a particular topic.


While has always succeeded in providing excellent quality writing, the customer care executives of this service deserve special mention. If you’ve ever dealt with slow customer care responses, you’d know how frustrating it can be to place queries regarding a particular order and never get a quick reply. Well, would give such services a run for their money. This website provides daily updates regarding the status of your paper, resolves queries within hours and provides instant assistance without you having to badger them every few minutes.

Reasons to hire –

  • Excellent communication
  • Transparent about services and prices

For students who struggle with anxiety issues along with their assignments, this website is a dream come true.

  1. has been active in the academic writing industry for over a decade and is a veteran in this field. While initially focusing only on Australia, the website has branched to Canada as well, hiring hundreds of native Canadian academic experts familiar with the local university assignment standards. The papers delivered by the experts surpass expectations. They are thoroughly researched, and the service provider attaches free plagiarism reports with each assignment.

Reasons to hire –

  • Outstanding quality assignments
  • Additional perks (free plagiarism reports, citation generators, etc.) has a great collection of free academic tools you can access without registration. I’ve personally tried a few, and the results are accurate.


The final website that deserves a special spot on this list is Since, at this point, excellent writing is a given, I’d like to focus on its student-friendly policies. A quick review of the Refund Policy reveals that students can claim full or partial refunds under particular circumstances. This is an amazing upgrade from services with a strict no-refund policy.

Reasons to hire –

  • Affordable services
  • Excellent policies

The website offers urgent order completion within 24 hours – a feature that will save you from late-submission penalties.

In conclusion,

There are plenty of academic websites providing custom writing in Canada. However, other than the quality of work delivered, you need to consider multiple attributes to pick the best one. Fortunately, the eight websites highlighted in this blog are prime examples of an ideal academic guidance service.

Author bio:

Andrew Simons is a professional academic critic and an educational consultant at He used to guide students with custom assignment writing for over a decade but has now found his passion as a blogger.

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