Tips For Buying Murrah Buffalo Online

Due to its superior ability and efficiency in producing more milk than other breeds, Murrah Bhains are well-known among Indian milkers. One of the water buffalo breeds with roots in Punjab and Haryana is the Murrah.

Murrah has recently reached out to countries including Egypt, Bulgaria, and Italy. Murrah bhains are more expensive than other buffalo breeds because they are primarily used to produce high-quality milk.

There are numerous cattle farming app options to buy bhens or a Murrah Buffalo, and it has many benefits for this breed. This blog provides instructions for identifying Murrah bhains if you buy them for the first time. Additionally, you’ll learn more about their feed as well. 

What Things Identified Before Buying Murrah Buffalo? 

The areas where Murrah breeds include Rohtak, Hisar, and Jind in Haryana and Nabha & Patiala in Punjab. The primary traits of Murrah Bhains are often a hefty body, neck, long head, short and tightly curved horns, broad hips, and drooping fore and hindquarters.

These buffaloes have a long, fetlock-length tail and are jet black with faint white patterns on the tail, face, and extremities. 

Physical Features of Murrah Buffalo

  • Body: Massive body, solidly constructed, wedge-shaped body.
  • Head, face & neck: Murrah Bhains have a tiny head and a long face compared to other buffalo breeds. These breeds have comparatively lengthy necks.
  • Color: Jet-Black in color
  • Eyes: These breeds cannot have walled eyes.
  • Tail: The Murrah Bhains’ tails are 8 inches long and have a black or white switch that extends to the fetlock joint.
  • Horns: These bullocks’ horns are noticeably smaller, shorter, and bent upward and backward with spiral inward curves than those of other breeds.
  • Limbs: Strongly built and are short comparatively. 
  • Skin: Smooth and soft with tiny hair than other buffaloes. 
  • Udder:  Dropping and fully developed udders. 
  • Teats: Teats are evenly distributed over the udders. Fore teats are shorter than hind teats. 
  • Loin: Loin of the Murrah bhains slides inward and is broader. 
  • Weight: The body weight of the female bullock is around 450 Kg. 
  • Height: Average height of females is 1.32 m.
  • Age: The age of the buffaloes at the first calving is 3 years.
  • Intercalating Period: 400-500 days. 
  • Lactation Period: The lactation period is around 300 days with a minimum of 230 days (recorded in top-quality Murrah)

Things to Consider Before Buying Murrah Buffalo 

There are a lot of things to think about when purchasing a buffalo. We’ve rounded up a few here: 

Health Status

To buy new Murrah bhains from a cattle farming app, ensure to enquire about its health status to avoid compromising your milk-yielding capacity. 

Lactation Period

If you require additional milk, search for the lactation time before purchasing a Murrah Bhains. Additionally, you ought to monitor the buffalo’s fertility. Check on the fertile period of high-quality milch buffaloes because they produce offspring annually.


Knowing a buffalo’s age is essential if you plan to keep it for a long time to reap the rewards. You would likely have fewer days for the Murrah buffalo’s milk production if it were nearing the end of its life. After 10 or 12 years, most dairy cattle are expected to lose their capacity to reproduce and produce milk.

What Factors Determine The Price of Murrah Buffalo? 

We are  listing a few factors below which determine the price of a buffalo:

Genetics: A good heredity line results in a very expensive Murrah Buffalo.

Lactation Cycle: The lactation cycle is important; typically, buffaloes in their second lactation are favored. A first-lactation buffalo that produces more milk will fetch a higher price since its second-lactation output will be even better. A fourth lactation buffalo that produces the same milk as the second will fetch less money on the market.

Milk Yield: The price will be influenced by the production at the time of purchase as well as the anticipated or documented yield per lactation.

Structure: The price of a buffalo depends on its size, structure, and shape. The price of a well-built Murrah Buffalo with a good udder, heavy frame, good height, and tightly curled horns will increase.   

Time of Purchase: winters are less expensive since most animals give birth then, and summers are more expensive because fewer buffaloes are available. More people want milk-based items like ice cream and buttermilk.

Purchase location: The location of the purchase is essential (for instance, the rates are usually high in Rohtak, Karnal, and Hyderabad due to the high demand for Murrah buffaloes).

Calf Gender: If the buffalo has a female calf, the cost rises. A high-yielding buffalo male calf with a good genetic pedigree would also fetch a higher premium.

Final Words!

You need to understand that to run a dairy industry, and you must have pure breed Murrah buffalo. Each aspect covered in this blog can be considered to know how you can identify pure Murrah buffalo and high-quality bhens. You can buy Murrah buffalo and cattle-associated elements from MeraPashu360. Visit their official website to know more. 

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