The 10 Most Important Things to Consider When Booking a Hotel in Adelaide

A hotel room should feel like a second home, regardless of the time you intend to spend there. Besides, you must assess several factors before booking a hotel in Adelaide for ultimate comfort.

Are you planning to eat and drink at the hotel?

These are important questions to ask yourself before booking. Some hotels only offer lodging services. So, you must look for alternative places to eat. The hotel’s location also matters, depending on what you intend to do at your travel destination.

Hotels in Adelaide’s CBD are the best if you’re into urban spaces and proximity to the city. However, to prevent jumping the gun and making a bad decision, here are ten things to consider when booking hotels.

10 Factors to Consider When Looking for Accommodation in Adelaide

Research is key when looking for hotels for short-term or long-term stays. However, you cannot get the best results unless you consider these factors:

  1. The Hotel’s Location

Adelaide has the best hotels in different locations. Hotels are available in the Adelaide hills if you prefer a wild, peaceful setting. At the same time, visitors who need to be close to the city have great options nearby. Still, the most important things to consider are hotel accessibility and travel costs. Does it take hours to reach the hotel from the airport? Ask yourself this before spending money.

  1. Availability of Additional Services

While some hotels offer Wi-Fi to guests, others don’t (for various reasons). So, if you plan on working while on your trip, you must spend money on the internet. On top of that, it’s easy to feel restless without internet connectivity. After all, you’ll have zero access to your social media accounts and emails. Still, even though the hotel has Wi-Fi connectivity, consider how fast and convenient it is.

  1. The Hotel’s Reviews

The internet is swamped with hotel reviews left by previous customers. Undeniably, customers leave honest reviews, giving their opinion on the hotel’s room and service quality. By going through these reviews on the hotel’s website or Google, you decide if it is worth spending money on. However, don’t rely on one review site, as it may be biassed.

  1. Dining Options

There are several dinner restaurants in Adelaide, but the hotel you stay at should have dining options. If it does not, think about how close the hotel is to a restaurant. It becomes cumbersome to travel for meals if it’s a distance away. Again, think about the quality and types of foods on the menu. Hotels must have options for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone looking to eat healthy while on vacation or a business trip. Always go for hotels with in-house dining services. Room service is an added advantage since you don’t leave your room and can enjoy a meal as you look outside the room’s window.

  1. A Hotel’s Sanitation

Cleanliness is more than important when booking a hotel in Adelaide. That means you don’t worry about your health and get value for your money. Hotels must provide the following services to reassure you of their cleanliness:

  • Sweeping
  • Regular dusting
  • Constant room cleaning services

Fresh bedding and towels must always be available for you. Such intricate details may seem unimportant, but they increase your comfort and confidence in a hotel’s sanitation.

  1. Hotel Features

Basic features are easy to find. But most guests are looking for an extraordinary factor. Does the hotel have impressive designs, amenities, and views? That is where luxury hotels come in. These hotels have additional services, attractions and the best staff to make your stay memorable.

  1. Work Space Availability

Although you’re on vacation, you might need to respond to a work email or send one. Besides, work trips are mostly about work, so guests need a comfortable desk and table to help them work stress-free. At the same time, hotels should have additional facilities promoting business interactions like meeting rooms and technologies. Thus, guests on business trips don’t leave the premises to find these services.

  1. Pastime Activities

Hotels are more than eating and sleeping destinations. Visitors need activities to refresh their minds and have fun. Such leisure activities include the following:

  • Swimming
  • Serviced beaches
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Saunas
  • Massage services  
  1. Hotel Room Size

Hotels have differently sized rooms. Of course, the price determines how big or small the room is. So, always ensure the size matches the price. Although some guests don’t find size important, it determines how comfortable you and your business associates or family are.  

  1. Room Type

Hotels have different rooms, depending on your preferences. For instance, are you a smoker or want the best room in the hotel? Hotels must consider these preferences and offer what you need. If they don’t, consider other options available in Adelaide.

Only book a hotel in Adelaide after doing enough research. Doing so leaves you at a disadvantage since you’ll need to look for better accommodation upon arrival. Unfortunately, the best hotels are often fully booked. So, due diligence first, and bookings after!

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