Quick Safety Tips For Your First Railway Journey In India

India is a really rich city in terms of languages, even cultures, dynasties, landscapes, nature, diverse seasons, cuisines, and also transportation. Yes, speaking of transportation, there are diverse of options available for you. The most popular mean of transportation in India is known as Railways. Yes, maybe planes are somewhat becoming quite common today but still, the spark and charm of trains is alive and even lively. It is maybe because Indian railways have space for folks of all statures. It simply means even if you are a poor individual, you can easily get a ticket in a normal coach and simply travel to your destination. You can make the most of the train ticket check and ensure that you get ready for your train journey.

So, if you are going to travel by train for the first time, or otherwise too if you wish to know about some quick safety tips for train journeys, this post is going to be a great read for you.

Don’t Be Too Friendly  

There is no requirement for you to be over-friendly with anyone.  Don’t give many details related to you. It would be wonderful if you stay absolutely -cautious in sleeper class. You have no clue how shrewd or cunning the person may be sitting next to you. of course, it is not that you feel fearful all the time, but staying alert is always a plus.

Be Tough In Your Looks 

In case you have a smiling face and it is somewhat like an invitation; you require to cloak that look. Come on, it is not simply about trains but in general traveling too. in case you do wear a tough look, the thieves are going to hesitate to target you. This toughness would keep the nasty folks at a bay. But in case you are wearing a look that is somewhat polite, smiling, and even happy; you might end up being trapped by even an oily tongue. 

Don’t Wear Jewellery 

No matter whether you are a well-off woman or even you are a middle-class lady; jewelry should have no place on your overall body while you travel.  While you are on the train, make sure that you are simply not wearing any jewelry. There are women who are simply in a habit of showing off their extensive necklaces and even earrings. It is fine if you are doing so at a party or an event but not good if you are doing it on a train.

Don’t Leave Your Luggage Randomly 

In case you feel that the toilet is just ten steps away from your birth and you are going to be back in a minute, and so it is fine to leave your luggage on your seat then you are definitely wrong. Come on, thieves always hunt for such a chance. They are an expert and they do know how to do the deeds in the blink of an eye. Often it has been observed that people left their luggage for a minute to go to the toilet and lost their stuff when returned.


To sum up, once you have a confirmed train ticket, just get ready and make sure that you stay vigilant about all the discussed points for your safe and happy journey.

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