Pokemon Go Becomes the simplest selling game within the last 5 years

Popular Augmented Reality (AR) games Pokemon Go 5 years old as of July 6 yesterday. During 5 years of operation, Pokemon Go achieve considerable success and income.

The world of games, especially on smartphones , is in an uproar. Players race to run out of the house, visit specific locations, and catch monsters, mostly cute and cuddly, named Pokemon . Yes, the planet is currently hooked in to a replacement game called Pokemon Go . So, what exactly is Pokemon Go ? it’s an augmented-reality- based game developed by the Pokemon Company together with Nintendo and Niantic. The name Niantic itself, perhaps, has been heard tons among smartphone gamers . the rationale is, this Google spin-off company is that the party behind the favored game Ingress , which is additionally supported augmented-reality .

In general, Pokemon Go may be a free game for Android and iOS, allowing players to catch Pokemon hidden in various real-world locations. within the game itself, the sport developer provides several items which will be purchased for real money. the aim of paid items ( in app purchase ), one among which is to accelerate the event of Pokemon owned by players.

Pokemon Go itself was first released on July 6, 2016 for iOS and Android platforms.

This game breaks the notion that AR-based games haven’t been ready to develop and are faraway from successful.

Curious about complete income data Pokemon Go?

2021 may be a good year for Pokemon Go.

Data from the Sensor Tower shows that the sport Pokemon Go earn the very best semester income in 2021.

In the first 6 months of 2021, Pokemon Go managed to extend revenue by 34% from 2020.

When compared to 2017, revenue Pokemon enter 2021 this may increase by 130%.

Pokemon Go earn an outsized income from the players within the us region.

Gamers Pokemon Go from the us accounted for 36.6% of total revenue jumlah Pokemon choose 5 years.

Users can see the planet of Pokemon through the smartphone screen as a viewfinder from the device camera. Later, players will see various animations and 3D objects on the screen. These 3D objects are going to be within the sort of Pokemon monsters. you’ll later act as a Trainer whose job is to catch as many Pokemon as possible. differing types of Pokemon are often found in several geographic areas of the planet . for instance , if the player goes to the river area, he will find a water type Pokemon. in fact this may invite players to explore the world . After catching, because the name implies, Trainer, tasked with training Pokemon that are captured. Players must increase the extent of the Pokemon so as to urge stronger. then , the Trainers can exchange Pokemon with one another . Players also can compete by having Pokemon fight one another .

Although Pokemon Go has not been officially released in Indonesia, there also are people that have tried and played it. you are doing this by downloading the APK file contained during this link and installing it on your Android phone. That way, you’ll try Pokemon Go but with some limitations. one among them is that the unavailability of Pokemon Trainer Club, which may be a feature to make global accounts and play Trading Cards online.
Additional warning features
If within the previous Pokemon Go update, we have seen a warning to not drive when opening this game, then this update provides a further gimmick that’s quite interesting. Pokemon Go will display a further warning when it detects movement that’s too fast, like when during a vehicle.

The warning is within the sort of information that we are walking too fast. On the screen there’s an outsized button that says “I’M PASSENGER” which suggests “I am a Passenger”. Press the button to clear the warning and continue playing.

Improved Poke Ball accuracy

Improved calculation accuracy when the trainer throws a Poke Ball with a curve technique .

Fixes bug

Fixed a bug that prevented “Nice,” “Great,” and “Excellent” statuses when throwing Poke Balls from awarding appropriate XP.

Medal icon fix

Fixed display error when displaying the Medal icon.

Change Nickname

Allows the trainer to vary his nickname once more . So remember, use it properly, because this chance only applies once. to vary it, select the Poke Ball icon -> Settings (top right corner) -> Change Nickname.

Battery saving features

Features that had been removed finally returned again. To activate it, tap the Poke Ball icon -> Settings, then tick the ‘Battery Saver’ option.

Added visuals from Team Leaders

As we all know Candela, Blanche and Spark are the names of the Pokemon team leaders . consistent with the changelog, there are additional visual displays from these three team leaders. But so far , I still haven’t found the change.

If you’ve updated Pokemon Go and located a change during this section, don’t hesitate to inform it through the comments column.

Nearby Pokemon

This is the good feature within the latest Pokemon Go update this point . Although it’s still within the testing phase (only users in San Francisco can enjoy it) and can be released gradually, this feature will make it easier for us to seek out the closest Pokemon.

This approach to nearby Pokemon isn’t only the footprints that are still being removed, but this new approach will tell you where to seek out them by benchmarking the closest Poke Stop. If you’re still confused about what we mean, please watch the video below.

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