How To Draw Sketch Of Landscape Drawing | Tutorial

Sketch Of Landscape plays a crucial role in natural scenery. Therefore, mastering the art of drawing a rock is essential if you are passionate about creating stunning natural landscapes. We have made a step-by-step guide on how to draw a rock to make it much simpler for you. Sketch Of Landscape Nine clear directions and straightforward graphics make up this thorough manual. Additionally, you can alter the rock’s hues and appearance to your heart’s content! What are you still holding out for? Grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and let’s start drawing!

Step By Step Landscape Drawing 1:

  • Draw the border or the outline of this flat-topped rock to begin.
  • As shown in the figure, draw two curved, unconnected lines for the bottom part and five connected diagonal lines for the top.


  • Create an outline of the Roc’s shape in step two.
  • This time, you will join the middle section to the bottom part.
  • As shown in the figure, you should draw two short vertical lines (one on each side) and two connected diagonal lines at the bottom. The rock’s outline is completely complete on your drawing!


  • Add the Edges at the Top of the Rock in Step 3
  • You will start creating a realistic-looking rock in this phase.
  • Draw the interior of the flat top by including three connected diagonal linesed, as shown in the figure. The third diagonal line will appear to be vanishing.


  • Finish the edges at the top of the rock in step four.
  • Simply a continuation of Step 3, this step is. Two shorter diagonal lines will be drawn instead of the three you created in Step 3.
  • Like Step 3, this will also have a “fading away” impression.


  • Subsequently, add ridges and cracks to the rock
  • Here, we’re attempting to increase the realism of the flat-topped rock.
  • On the flat top portion of the rock, as depicted in the figure, you will add more diagonal and curved lines.


  • After that, mark patterns all over the rock’s surface.
  • In this phase, we’ll give your flat-topped rock more realistic touches.
  • At the bottom-left corner of the rock, draw two quick diagonal lines.


  • After that, add the rock’s dimensions.
  • Draw a lengthy diagonal line here.
  • As shown in the figure, a diagonal, almost vertical line will be drawn, connecting the section you created in Step 3 to the section you drew in Step 2.


  • Increase the Number of Ridges on the Rock’s Surface
  • Next to the almost vertical line you drew in Step 7, you will add two somewhat short lines in this step.


  • Complete the rock’s structure at this point.
  • Here, you’ll merely repeat Step 6’s actions.
  • The right side of the rock will have those brief lines added twice this time.
  • There you have it, a drawing of a rock that looks realistic! Finally, the most thrilling part—picking the colors and coloring the rock—is about to begin!
  • Now is the moment to add color to make your flat-topped rock stand out! You might select to add a few other colors or tints to the different shades of grey we utilized for the graphic.

Three more suggestions to simplify your rock painting!

  • With these suggestions for making your rock sketch even more awesome, get ready to rock out!
  • Even though this drawing of a rock appears straightforward, it contains several intricate intricacies. The top of the rock is flat, and the sides have some roughness.
  • Although these intricacies make the rock more realistic, they can also make it more difficult to depict. You can simplify or eliminate these extra elements if you find them difficult to draw.
  • If you wish to accomplish this, attempt to concentrate on the drawing sections that pose the greatest difficulty. In this manner, you can attempt to keep as many details as possible.

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