How to Draw A Cookie Monster Easily

How to Draw A Cookie Monster. Sesame Street was presented to the earth in 1969 as a presentation intended to provide educational segments in an entertaining and informative manner.

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It has been popular since its inception and has numerous colorful personalities that have evolved iconic in their freedom.

One of the most well-known characters is the Cookie Monster, and this cookie-loving surface has millions of fans worldwide!

Many of these lovers may want to understand how to draw cookie monsters but need help knowing where to start.

This guide is the perfect starting point, so read it to the end to Draw A Cookie Monster!

How to Draw A Cookie Monster

Step 1

We’ll start with the head and face for the first step of our cookie monster drawing guide. You can start by drawing two small circles next to each other.

Then in each one, you can add an even smaller circle for his students. Next, we will use sharp, curvy lines to outline his head to make him look cute and furry.

Once you’ve drawn this outline, you can add some lines underneath for the bottom of his head. Next, extend the outline from the base of his head to the start of his shoulders.

Finally, let’s draw his mouth. Draw another of these blurred lines for the top of her smiling mouth, then add a smooth, curved line underneath to Draw A Cookie Monster.

Step 2

As the name suggests, Cookie Monster loves cookies! Because of this, a Cookie Monster drawing is only complete with a cookie to enjoy.

First, we’ll use some of the furry lines you used for the outline to draw his hand near the base of his head.

So this hand is holding a cookie you can draw with an irregular line. Remember to add some chocolate chips to Draw A Cookie Monster!

Step 3

You started with one arm in this Cookie Monster Drawing tutorial, and in this third step, we’ll add the other.

This arm extends from the base of the shoulder to the right, and you can use the same line type you’ve used so far to continue the furry effect.

That arm is bent up to a point at the cookie he’s about to enjoy! Once you’ve drawn this arm as it looks in our reference image, you’re ready for the next step to Draw A Cookie Monster.

Step 4

In this element of your Cookie Monster illustration, we’ll start by drawing his body to prepare you for the final details in the next step.

We’ll use this furry stripe again for the rest of this sketch. With that in mind, draw the two spherical sides of her abdomen.

The first of these extends from the base of the arm to the right. He will also start leading in his right leg.

The left side of his abdomen extends snugly to his left arm and is also quite rounded.

Once you’ve drawn this side of the belly, you can fill in the space between the belly and the arm to finish the arm holding the cookie. So we’ll get to the final details in the next step to Draw A Cookie Monster!

Step 5

This step of our Cookie Monster Drawing guide is about completing the outline so you can get ready for some coloring fun!

The main focus of this fifth step is to refine the contours of the legs. His legs are short enough and big enough. The left leg is slightly raised for a more dynamic pose. Because of the angle of that leg, we’ll also draw the bottom of his foot to Draw A Cookie Monster.

Next, we draw the second leg, and this is what it will be on. Once you’ve drawn those two legs, you can add some details to finish it nicely.

Sesame Street is full of so many colorful characters that you could create wallpaper with some to Draw A Cookie Monster.

Step 6

In this last step, we’re going to colorize this drawing of Cookie Monster to finish it off nicely. Cookie Monster has a nice blue color scheme, and that’s exactly what we went for in our reference image.

Instead of a single blue color, we incorporated several shades to give it a furrier look to Draw A Cookie Monster.

Your Cookie Monster Drawing is Finished!

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