How to dismiss online from Instagram: step by step

It’s true that the name “social network” implies that these platforms are for socializing, but we don’t always want to talk or answer someone right away, right. ( Directory submissions ) And with Instagram’s feature that shows when a user is online, it can be harder to get away from replying to that DM when you don’t want to.

But relax, we understand you! Whether it’s to save time before answering that complicated customer or running away from answering that inconvenient person who responds to your Stories, keep reading as we’re going to teach you how to remove the online from Instagram: a complete step-by-step.

Activity status: How to see if someone is online on Instagram

Since the update now includes the activity status, the default setting for any Instagram profile is to have this status activated. That is, unless you manually change and choose to disable the option, other users will be able to see when you are on or off the social network.

This status is shown through a little green ball (as in the old and dead MSN, who remembers?) that indicates when a user is available and with the Instagram app open. When the user is not active, what appears instead is a gray ball along with a time that indicates the last time he was busy.

How to remove online from Instagram on mobile

We’ll tell you if you want to know how to remove online status using the Instagram app on your cell phone! The step-by-step is simple:

  1. Open your profile
  2. Click on the three dashes/dots in the upper right corner to find the menu
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Go to Privacy
  5. Look for Activity Status
  6. And if it is activated, click on the button to deactivate it.

You can change this as many times as you like, no problem. If you regret it, go back there and repeat the process. 

How to remove Instagram online from a computer

If you want to disable your activity status using Instagram on your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Instagram Web
  2. Click on your profile picture thumbnail in the upper right corner of the screen to access the menu.
  3. In the menu, tap Settings
  4. Go to Privacy and Security
  5. Look for Activity Status
  6. And select or deselect the option to show status

Is it worth removing the activity status from Instagram?

Whether taking online off of Instagram is a good thing or not depends on your perception. In practice, deactivating the activity status will not affect anything on your account: it does not reduce your reach or prevent other users from finding you or using Instagram DM typically to chat. The only difference is that the activity status won’t be shown.

An important detail for you to think about is that, by deactivating the Instagram online feature, you will no longer be able to see the activity status of other users. That is, in the same way, that no one will be able to see you online or know the exact time you opened Instagram for the last time, you will also be “in the dark” about the status of other users, ok?

If this is something you miss, it might not be the best option to deactivate it. But, if all you want most is privacy and being “invisible” there, you can remove this option without fear of having any damage to your account or losing essential resources.

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Feed do Instagram ganha ordem cronológica e favoritos

Finally, an old request from users was heard: the return of the Instagram Feed in chronological order! The social network officially announced on January 5 that it is testing the Main Feed view in three ways.

Keep reading to understand how the new home view formats will work and how to change your Instagram Feed to chronological order or the other versions available soon.

The 3 Types of Instagram Feeds in 2022

Through Twitter, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, finally confirmed what had already been leaked by insiders: Instagram is testing the return of the Chronological Feed.

But he doesn’t come alone! In addition, the social network intends to work with two other types of Feeds simultaneously, allowing the user to choose the one he prefers.

They are Home, Favorites, and Following. Understand each one of them:

Homepage :

This is the Feed as we currently know it, without chronological order and with the algorithm deciding what would be most relevant to show you. The difference is that now it must have more and more suggestions for Instagram posts are being inserted. The idea is that it looks more like Reels, providing the discovery of content posted by users you don’t follow.

Favorites :

This is the most selected Feed of the three, showing the posts made only by profiles you chose for your favorites list in chronological order. It can be close friends, your favorite artists, brand profiles, and whoever else you want to put.Directory submissions


Finally, the most straightforward Feed will only show the posts of those you follow, without the insertion of suggested placements, and always in chronological order.

Instagram has not yet specified how the ads look in these different Feed formats, but the display of paid and boosted posts should likely continue normally in all three Feeds.

How to change Instagram feed type

As the novelty is still in the testing phase, only a few users already have access to the Feed options. If you have already received this update or want to understand how it will work, look at how simple it is! With a few taps, you can change this view. 

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Click on Home/Homepage 
  • Select your preferred feed type
  • And ready

New release forecast

According to Adam Mosseri, head of the social network, the tests are already underway. If everything goes well – and we believe it should – the idea is that the new Feed models will be available globally to all users in the first half of 2022.( Directory submissions )

We’re already looking forward to having (a little) more control over what we see.

The Instagram Feed Trajectory

When the app was launched, its home page followed the most straightforward logic: chronological order. That is: the most recent posts were displayed at the top, while the oldest was getting lower as you scroll the screen.

But since 2016, the social network abandoned the Instagram Feed view format in chronological order and replaced it with a relevance-based display of posts. That’s where we started talking about the much-debated Instagram algorithm, which began to filter and decide what will appear first for you according to what the social network understands to be of interest to you. free directory submission sites

(It is also worth remembering that the change came along with the arrival and expansion of ads on Instagram, which began to be displayed among organic posts.)

Already in 2021, we saw a new change: the suggested posts. Following the same logic as Reels – which in turn follows the same logic as TikTok – Instagram began to insert more and more post suggestions in Users’ Feed, displaying content published by profiles that you still don’t follow but may be interested in them. 

In 2022, the social network was preparing for another change (and a turn back in time).

How to adapt your content to the new Instagram Feeds?

On YouTube, our team gave you all the tips to adapt your content to this new reality of three Feed options:

What does this mean for people who create content for Instagram?

On the one hand, with the arrival of the Favorites Feed and the return of the chronological Feed, making your brand profile have a strong relationship with your followers and be remembered as a good source of content is even more critical. 

That’s what counts when people select accounts for their Favorites feed and, of course, when they’re scrolling through the “Following” Feed.

On the other hand, the home page with a more significant number of suggested posts means an opportunity to appear more and more for those who still don’t follow you. Therefore, knowing the algorithm that selects who appears there and how to create content that catches the public’s attention in the first few seconds will be very rewarding.Directory submissions

Here, it is essential to keep in mind that the delivery of the algorithm can be much higher than expected if the post is well received from the beginning. This is already how it happens on Reels and TikTok with the trends of the moment.

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