How is Valentine’s Day Celebrated in Different Parts of the World

Valentine’s Day, also called Day of Love, is coming up soon. A few days before Valentine’s Day, stores are full of fresh flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, and other gifts for both men and women. But did you know that in some countries, the day of love is celebrated in a different month? Some countries have their own ways of celebrating this day that are unique to them. Do you want to know how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different parts of the world? Continue reading to find out!

1. Giving Chocolates to Japanese Men

On Valentine’s Day, boys in Japan are often given chocolates as a special treat. On Valentine’s Day, girls give two kinds of chocolate to men: Giri-choco, which is given to male friends, classmates, or coworkers. The other chocolate is called Honmei-choco. The girls make it at home and give it to a special person they love to show how much they care about them.

On White Day, March 14, a month after Valentine’s Day, the boys return the favour by giving the girls chocolates. You can also buy valentine chocolates online and stun your special one.

2. South Koreans give chocolates as gifts on Black Day.

Valentine’s Day in South Korea is a lot like Valentine’s Day in Japan. Girls give chocolates to boys, and on White Day, the boys do the same for them. The 14th of April is Black Day, which is another tradition in South Korea. On this day, people who are single eat jajangmyeon, which is made from bean paste.

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3. Finland has a party with its friends on this day

People celebrate Ystavanpaiva, which means “Day of the Friends,” on February 14, instead of Valentine’s Day. Back in the day, this day was celebrated by having students at school give each other gifts they had made. So, it became a tradition to spend this day with friends to show how close they are. This day is also a time for couples to give each other gifts.

4. Bulgaria’s Day of Winemakers

Around the world, people celebrate Valentine’s Day in many different ways, and Bulgaria is one of those places. The Day of Winemakers or Saint Trifon’s Day is celebrated here on February 14 to honour Saint Trifon Zarezan, who is the patron saint of winemakers. According to the old Julian calendar, which the church still uses, the day is usually on February 1. Even though the country switched to the Gregorian calendar, this day is still celebrated on February 14. On this day, men cut back the grapevines and pour some of the juice from the grapes onto the ground to help it grow. Young and old couples of all ages celebrate the day by having a glass of wine made in their own area.

5. Spoons with carvings given as gifts in Wales

Giving carved spoons as gifts is another unique Valentine’s Day custom around the world. People in Wales honour Saint Dwynwen, the patron saint of lovers, on January 25, which is called the Day of Dwynwen. On this day, the couple shows how much they love each other by giving each other a beautifully carved wooden spoon. Since the 1600s, this has been a tradition for the Welsh. Spoons that have been carved are a sign of love in this country. They are also given as gifts on occasions like birthdays and weddings. You can opt for valentine gift delivery from online portals and get amazing gift options.

6. Valencia, Spain, celebrates the Day of Saint Dionysius

Valencia, Spain, celebrates its “Day of Love” on October 9 instead of February 14. The feast of Saint Dionysus is held on this day. On this day, men make “macadora,” which are figurines made out of marzipans, and give them to the women they are with. There are also beautiful parades in the streets of Valencia and some small towns in Spain.

7. Snowdrops and Gaekkebrev in Denmark

How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in each country is different and fun. In Denmark, instead of the usual romantic flowers, men give their lovers and friends white flowers called snowdrops that have been dried and pressed. They also send the women gaekkebrev, which means “joking letter” and is filled with jokes or poems. The cards have dots for signatures, and the women have to figure out who gave them the card. If the guess is right, the women will get an Easter egg later in the year.

8. Secret Friend Game in El Salvador

Valentine’s Day is a day for both love and friendship in El Salvador. Salvadorans play a game called “secret friend,” in which people write down the names of their friends, coworkers, classmates, or family members. Then, each person picks a piece of paper with a name on it, and they have to get a gift for that person. When it’s time, everyone stands or sits in a circle. Everyone talks about one good thing about their “secret friend.” People have to try to figure out who the gift is for. This game is a lot like the “secret Santa” game that people play at Christmas.


Valentine’s Day, which is about love, is celebrated all over the world, but each place does it their own way. We hope that reading about the different traditions was fun for you. And if reading about Valentine’s Day traditions made you wonder what to get your partner for the holiday, we can help. is one of the best places to buy gifts online, and they have a huge selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for both men and women.


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