How Do I Calculate Follower Growth Rate For Instagram?

When monitoring any Instagram metric, it’s fine to assume in terms of charges and probabilities rather than raw numbers.

Rather than tracking the uncooked wide variety of social media fans you’ve gained or misplaced, monitoring your follower increase charge is a good deal higher.

Before we leap into follower increase charge calculators, allow’s study precisely what this metric is.

What is Follower Growth Rate?

Follower growth price, expressed as a percentage boom, measures the speed at which your social media account is gaining (or dropping) followers relative in your previous follower count number.

For example, your month-to-month Instagram follower boom charge could be the share increase your follower count has seen considering that closing month.

A higher growth fee approach your advertising and marketing team is on the right song, launching intuitive and tasty campaigns. At the equal time, a dip may want a few optimization tweaks.

Why Should I Track Follower Growth Rate?

Tracking a raw increase in follower rely doesn’t let you know as a lot approximately how speedy you’re gaining followers as your boom charge does.

The follower increase charge serves as a better fitness test on the performance of your campaigns. Tracking this price will let you reveal your overall performance towards your competition.

For example, you could have fewer fans because of having a more modern account, however you could be gaining traction tons quicker than they are.

Track the follower boom charge of your social media debts

How to Calculate Follower Growth Rate

The follower increase charge is calculated because the range of followers you gained divided by using the quantity of fans you started, instances 100% (over a selected time period).

The follower increase price calculation is:

Follower Growth Rate = New Followers / Starting Follower Count x 100%

For example, if Company A starts off evolved with a thousand followers and gains a hundred fans in a month, they’ve executed a increase rate of 10%.

Contrast this with Company B which begins the month with 10,000 fans and gains one hundred. That’s a boom charge of most effective 1%.

Although each debts won the same raw wide variety of fans, Company A is doing a far higher job at attracting new followers—their increase price turned into 10 times faster relative to their authentic size.

Start Calculating Your Follower Growth Rate

Now you can feed within the components given above in spreadsheets and create your very own follower increase charge calculator. But even that would upload to your paintings pile! That’s why we advise you strive out Keyhole, a whole social media analytics platform.

Right from brand monitoring and profile analytics to hashtag monitoring and sentiment analysis, Keyhole has the entirety you need beneath one roof.

To without problems tune and report in your boom price—and that of your competition—begin your free Keyhole trial nowadays.

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