Driving Enrolments with Digital Marketing for Educational Institutes

Boosting enrolments for educational institutes is incredibly challenging today. As far as online presence is concerned, there are hundreds of institutes striving to capture the attention of keen students and even their parents.

There is an avalanche of information- educational blogs, career prospect videos, virtual campus tours, and so on. Hiring a top-notch digital marketing agency for education is the only way for institutes to position themselves prominently and target the right prospects online. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, students are increasingly reliant on search engines, educational forums, and social media to gain insights into the best schools, colleges, universities, and coaching centres. Also, virtual learning and online enrolments are more popular than ever before. Hence, whether it is for regular courses or e-learning modules, the right online marketing techniques can help businesses tap into the right markets, showcase their mettle, and bolster enrolments. Here are 6 proven digital marketing techniques to spearhead a successful enrolment drive for educational institutions:-

  1. Collaborate with a Seasoned Digital Marketing Services Agency– Since online marketing is not the core competence of an educational institute, it doesn’t make sense to hire or train an in-house digital marketing team. It will cost too much and DIY efforts might go astray, wasting both precious time and effort. Outsourcing digital marketing requirements to a qualified and competent agency saves time and money. It also drives effective and tangible results.
  2. Invest in Organic SEO for Higher Search Rankings– Organic SEO techniques like on-site optimization, link-building, directory/forum citations, and most importantly keyword research/placement are all directed toward improving the search rankings of the educational institute. Hence, for students/parents searching for relevant courses, the institute shows up atop. With higher organic traffic received by the website, the right CTAs will ensure quicker enrolments.
  3. Initiate a Strategic Ad Campaign with PPC and Banner Ads– More than print ads and billboards, search engine, and social media ads ensure robust accountability and top-notch ROI. But education service providers should be extremely specific with the keywords, demographic targeting, and geotargeting. Paying per click makes sense only when the conversion rate is high, which warrants the right target audience. Similarly, banner ads should be placed on high-traffic websites, but the viewership of the chosen site should be relevant.
  4. Focus on Connecting with Gen Z Students– Schools, colleges, and coaching institutes are faced with the onerous task of alluring Gen Z students who are highly tech-savvy and somewhat hard to impress. Hence, the content marketing strategy should be in sync with their tastes. The digital marketing team can harness data-driven insights to tailor strategies that best appeal to this generation. While the fundamentals of portraying industry authority and establishing thought leadership remain the same, the approach should have an appealing, new-age aura. Some important strategies include:-
  • Innovative and Informative Video Marketing 
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Live Streaming Demo Classes and Important Events
  • Interactive Vlogs on Career Prospects
  1. Invest in a Fast, Well-Designed, and Responsive Website- The success of all digital marketing services agency strategies ultimately relies on how impressive and user-friendly your official website is. A carelessly designed or outdated website will reflect very poorly on the educational institute’s credibility. From a responsive web design and 24×7 chatbot support to easy query forms, lucid course/admission details, attractive placement information, and clear CTAs, a cutting-edge website will ensure consistently high enrolment.
  2. Liaise with Successful Alumni and Students with Good Social Media Following– Apart from liaising with a professional agency, educational institutes have the added advantage of relying on their students who are active on social media with a noteworthy follower count. Similarly, ex-students with flourishing careers and robust social media presence can enhance the online promotional endeavours of educational institutes.


The Education Industry is entrusted with the important responsibility of shaping the younger generation for a better future. It might sound too idealistic but this is one sector that cannot solely focus on profiteering. Likewise, the online presence and digital marketing approach of educational institutions cannot be steered by an aggressive approach or pushy selling. While boosting enrolments is a priority, the focus of all online communication and promotions should be on reflecting a premier educational institute that offers world-class education, top-tier facilities, and a lucrative career scope ahead. It is best to rely on a professional team to portray the best image and draw the brightest minds to enrol.

Author Bio: – Rudra Kumar is an Assistant General Manager of search operations at Techmagnate with more than 10+ years of experience in search engine optimisation. He has helped many businesses in growing revenue via search engines of his strengths.

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