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Have you ever heard of vampires? what do you think they are? why do u think they exist? or do they? if they do where do you think you can find them? also the question mostly ignored “Do you believe?”.

The word “Vampire” is adopted from the Siberian language for an immortal and evil being. Vampires are associated with the evil of the night, it is known that the vampires feed on the blood of the humans. vampires are in all kinds of myths and all whole of thins are said and known about them, some say they were real at about a time period but that is also said about Sphinx, Dracula, Werewolves and many other.


the vampires concept started back in the 18-century in poetry. there is a start of everything for our most loved fictional concept of vampires was started from poetry. its amusing how something made up by someone can turn up to be something so inspiration. there are hundreds of vampire concept novels that are loved y readers and also a good amount of movies with actually good plots as everyone must know “Vampires dairies” and “Vampire academy” already.

the first ever proper vampire appearance in literature was in the novel “the vampyre” by Polidori in 1819 which was inspired by the unfinished horror story written by lord Byron, also in 1819. the story was known as “The Fragment”, the first ever to have a vampire theme with the main character “Augustus Darvell”.


The actual concept which every writer and movie director twists to provide the people with something new is not so complicated as everyone makes it look.

the proper concept begins with the death of a human who later turns into a vampire. a vampire is like a zombie, walking dead but saner than a zombie, vampires have exceptional traits which include speed, eyesight, and many other (given below).

In features however comes the century difference and demands of the readers of that time. as in the 18th century the people were just introduced to vampires so they were okay with them being hideous or poor or evil, but as time passed on reader’s interests changed and they got bored by the same old horror concept so writers changed it to a little more suitable which was they changed the horrible looking vamps to handsome men with love concepts, who isn’t interested in wanting to know the mysterious story of the a vamp and a human girl. the demands kept changing and so did the concepts what’s basic and was kept the same was the fact that the vampires are dead people who come to life after death and not really living people but walking dead and the fact that they drink blood to survive.


  1. Immortality: this power allows the vampires to live forever unless they are killed in a specific way, which is stabling them in the heart with a wooden stick or by pure silver bullets.
  2. Heightened senses: these include better hearing, better eyesight, better speed etc.
  3. Fast Healing: as long as there is blood supply in their body they can heal.
  4. Humanism: Their teeth can retract like a cat’s claws when they are needing to be seen as normal people. That is just a few things.
  5. Age: vampires don’t age, they remain in the age they died in for as long as they are alive, doesn’t matter if its centuries they remain the same and do not age further.


  1.  The more strength used, the more blood needed within the vampire’s system. Thus, a too weakened vampire will stumble or even crawl in vain effort to return to their  sanctuary for rest,  which resembles an echo of the death by their very existence.
  2. fresh blood of humans is required once in a short while. but if they use their strength too much they need to refill.
  3. they are sensitive to silver. silver can be harmful for them.
  4. the sun can kill them. they cant freely walk in the sun even if they use their speed they still get in contact with it and it would burn.
  5. vampires cant taste food, they loose their sense of taste.
  6. vampires don’t have a reflection.

i know this all probably didn’t make sense to you but their are logical explanations for a few things as given below:

  1. Silver: this element is considered to be a pure element and vampires cant come on contact with pure objects such as the christian cross and their holy water etc.
  2. Wooden stake: centuries ago it was believed the dead rose from their graves at night to feed on the blood of the living. The wooden stake held them in place. This was incorporated into vampire mythology.
  3. Heart stab: people often think what the purpose of the stake at heart is when their heart already has no purpose, its not about the heart its about puncturing the body at a place where their is most blood so the blood lose would be epic and they wont recover from it and die.
  4. Reflection: as you all know vampire don’t have a reflection, that is because it is said that the mirror reflects the soul of the body and since vampires are deceased people with no soul therefore they have no reflection.
  5. Blood requirement: they require blood from others because they don’t make blood of their own, they are dead hence their body parts like the heart doesn’t pump blood or generate so they need alternative because blood is important for living and that alternative ends up as them sucking human blood.
  6. Age: the age stop can be explained as their is no biological process going in their body now they are just cold walking corpses so they just don’t age. i mean who ages after death anyway right?


you must think sometimes “why things and concepts like these exist?”, right?

well I’ll answer that question honestly for you today. the existence of such concepts and things is because of literature. literature is a subject, a field which demands interest and passion. readers allover the world need different kinds of spices in their lives which is professionally named “Genres”, and vampires are the best most read genre of all times, it comes in the top ten most read genre books of 2020.


Some of the best novels and books with great vampire stories contain:

  1. “The vampyre” by john William Polidori in 1981.
  2. “Dracula” by Bram Stoker in 1897.
  3. “The Historian” by Elizabeth kostova in 2005.

 Thank you for reading.

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