circumcise your baby for religious or cultural reasons,

If you decide to circumcise your baby for religious or cultural reasons, it’s essential that you know what can be expected after the procedure. These tips can help provide comfort and care for your newborn in the days and weeks following circumcision.

Maintain the cleanliness of your baby’s penis by changing their diapers frequently. Doing so helps to prevent infection and irritation.


Circumcision, also known as circumcision, is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin (hood of skin) covering the penis glans is surgically removed. This procedure usually takes place in the hospital during the first 10 days after birth but may also be done at home for certain religious rituals.

A doctor, such as a family physician or pediatrician, obstetrician or surgeon, typically performs the procedure. Once you provide consent and they give you full details about potential risks and benefits of the procedure, they will perform it safely for you.

After the procedure, it’s important to keep the area as clean as possible. Use warm water instead of diaper wipes, which may sting if used incorrectly.

If there’s a dressing on the incision, use a new one (with petroleum jelly) each time you change your baby’s diaper. Doing this helps prevent irritation to the wound.

If your child is having their circumcised, speak with your healthcare provider about aftercare for the wound. Dr. Elliot recommends cleaning the area with warm water at each diaper change and avoiding using baby wipes directly on the penis.


Before your baby has their circumcision, you may want to prepare the area by cleaning with plain water at least once daily and changing their diapers frequently for sanitation.

Additionally, you may need to apply a special lubricant on their penis so it doesn’t stick to the diaper even after the bandage comes off. Rub a dab of petroleum jelly onto their penis each time you change a diaper for the first three to five days after circumcision.

Your baby’s doctor can also give you a special numbing cream to apply before surgery. This will numb the area for a short time and reduce pain during the procedure.

Your child’s healthcare provider will then use a scalpel to cut away the foreskin and apply antibiotic ointment or petroleum jelly to the wound, then cover it with loose gauze dressing. Generally, penis heals from circumcision within seven to ten days.

Post-circumcision care

Circumcising your newborn depends on personal, medical and religious considerations. Once you make the decision to have the procedure performed, you may be wondering how best to care for your child in the days following.

At first, baby’s wound will appear raw, red and swollen. It may also bleed a little bit – this is perfectly normal.

After a few days, the area where your skin was cut will turn green and yellow–this is healing tissue. Scott assures you this color is normal healing and should go away within two to three weeks.

Scott emphasizes the importance of keeping baby’s diaper area clean and changing them frequently to prevent stool from becoming an infection. A thin washcloth soaked in warm water can be used to gently rinse away any particles in the diaper area.

Most complications from circumcision are minor and easily manageable. Bleeding after circumcision is uncommon and usually stops without needing reoperation, though sutures or electrocautery may be required in rare cases.

Infection is a relatively common medical issue. Generally, most infections are self-limiting and can be treated with antibiotics and wound debridement; however, some may require hospitalization with intravenous antibiotics for treatment.circumcision doctor adelaide

Some infections may be severe, leading to pus formation and systemic infection. Fortunately, this type of complication is less common now than it was previously.

Complications are a rare but real possibility for both newborns and boys. It is essential that the circumcision wound be kept clean and dry at all times, especially during diaper changes to prevent stool from becoming an infection.

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