10 Tips from an Airsoft Store: Get Better, Play Better, Enjoy the Match More from the Start

Interested in getting involved with airsoft? Or perhaps you already play but are new to the scene and are wondering how you can evolve and improve your skill set?

Check out these top tips we got from the folks at MiR Tactical’s airsoft store.

Protect Your Whole Face

A face mask may not seem as badass as braving enemy fire if you just hit the airsoft field with some goggles, but if you ever take a shot up close you might regret it.

This is especially true if you get shot in the teeth; not only does it hurt, but a broken tooth can cost thousands in dental work.

Adjust the Hop-Up Before the Match

Not adjusting the hop-up is like not adjusting your sights. Make sure your hop-up is dialed in before the match.

If your BBs are floating too high, you’ve got too much hop. If they sink, you’ve got too little. If they fly straight and even, you’re just right.

Experiment with Airsoft Ammo Weight

Don’t assume you need to shoot .20g airsoft ammo. If you’re shooting an upgraded gun, go with heavier ammo. It will be more stable and more accurate in flight.

Make Your Mags Easy to Reach

Invest in a quality tactical vest with mag pouches that are front and center and easy to reach. If you’re in the heat of an airsoft event, there’s really only one thing you’ll need under fire and it’s a fresh mag, so make it easy on yourself.

(Also, Clean Your Mags Periodically)

Airsoft mags (which are often cleaned with sticky silicone-based products) can attract dust and dirt. After each match, take them apart and clean them out. Your airsoft rifles will shoot smoother and jam less.

Bring a Charger to the Match

This one’s for you guys that travel for matches. If you’re making a long drive to the match, make sure you bring a charger with your other airsoft gear. You will not have a good time if you brought only batteries, and both die before the match.

Know the Difference Between Cover and Concealment

Cover protects you from fire, concealment prevents you from being seen. They are not the same. Learn to recognize the difference, as confounding them can get you tagged.

Tighten the Screws Before Every Match

Rattling, vibration, and big swings in temperature can all cause the screws on your airsoft gun to work loose. Sure, one or two loose or lost screws will not completely cripple your airsoft gun, but if you lose enough, it’s a problem.

Make it a routine to sweep your gun before and after every match for loose screws – and tighten them.

Get a Case

A hard-sided case, specifically. Both will protect your airsoft gun but a hard-sided case will do a much better job.

That’s something you really need to think about if you’ve got a high-quality, expensive airsoft sniper rifle, machine gun, or AEG with hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of dollars of airsoft attachments tacked onto it.

If You Retreat, Do Not Return Fire

It might seem cool to return fire if you’re ever flushed out of a position, but it is just a way to get hit. Don’t waste your time. If you’ve ever made the decision to retreat (which in and of itself is almost always strategically disastrous) do not waste your time or expose yourself further by returning fire. Just get out of dodge and stay covered or concealed as well as you can.

Like These, Want More? Visit MiR Tactical’s Airsoft Store

Did you find these airsoft tips practical? Get more like them online at MiR Tactical, specifically in their blog – or better yet, visit their airsoft store in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. They have many more tips like these.

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