10 Facts About Electricity Bill Everyone Should Know

It is critical to comprehend the BKESL bill and its components to establish strategies for energy savings. These electricity bills provide a lot of information that might help you to understand the electricity use trends. A thorough knowledge of the various components might aid in the planning of a money-saving exercise.

In this post, we will explore 10 Important Facts About Energy Bills that Everyone Should Know about electricity bills:

10 Facts About Electricity Bill Everyone Should Know

  1. The new electricity bill provides a structure that would allow consumers to select from a variety of service providers. It establishes the Electrical Contract Enforcement Authority (ECEA), which would handle contract-related issues in the electricity industry. Furthermore, the measure establishes sanctions for licensees who fail to satisfy their commitments. It mandates all licensees to acquire or generate a certain amount of renewable energy as a proportion of their total power usage.
  2. Understanding your electric bill and how much energy particular appliances consume will assist you in making the most of your energy budget. The majority of your power requirements are for heating, conditioning, food refrigeration, water heating, and lights.
  3. Budget billing eliminates seasonal highs and lows on monthly power costs. The budget amount is calculated by dividing your light bill over the last 24 months into 24 equal payments. Because you pay the same amount for electricity each month, planning for monthly spending is easier. The opposite side of your statement displays the current status of your budget billing account.
  4. Temperature changes are one of the most prevalent reasons for increased electricity bills. Weather changes are frequently related to increases in energy expenditures since the more energy you spend, the harder your heating and cooling system works to keep your property warm. Your heating and cooling system will have to work more to remove moisture from the air if you live in a humid area. As a result, late autumn and winter are typically times when electricity customers experience elevated expenses.
  5. Have you recently bought new electronics? Are you using the ones you have at home more regularly than you used to? This may appear to be rational, but the use of contemporary technology is a consistent cause of a considerable increase in your monthly power bill. 
  6. Residential current bill payments follow remarkably consistent trends from year to year. You may question why your charge is greater or lower than normal. There are several reasons why your consumption and cost of electricity may differ.
  7. An electricity bill is a document that lists the units utilized daily at home, the office, school, or other locations. The first and most significant reason why knowing your electricity bill is crucial is that it allows you to make more informed decisions about how to minimize your energy use, which in turn helps you save money. During the Covid-19 epidemic, when much of the globe was trapped inside, individuals began to pay more attention to their energy use and realized the value of monitoring their electrical accounts.
  8. The most interesting fact about an electricity bill is learning how to read the meter. This will reflect your current and prior readings, allowing you to record your bill correctly without adding unnecessary zeros. The difference between your prior and current readings represents the actual kWh consumed during this period.
  9. Another key element of an electricity bill is its consumption profile. A consumption profile is further divided into two parts: the first includes the total kWh consumed in the previous month, and the second is the kWh usage for this month and the prior months. 
  10. The tariff structure is yet another aspect of your electricity bill that has a big impact on your costs. In the case of residential links, the slab-based structure is used, and the units are taxed at a lesser rate, as opposed to industrial connections, which have substantially higher rates. When the amount of units consumed rises, so do the energy charges.

You may use the Bajaj Finserv to pay and view BKESL Bill fast and securely. It supports online transactions, allowing you to conveniently pay your utility bills with multiple payment options such as Debit & credit cards, UPI, Wallet, etc.


Aside from these 10 facts about electricity bills, there are two crucial aspects to consider if you want to know your BKESL bill view and plan to lower your electricity use. These are Consumed Units and Connected Load. To control your current bill payment, you must handle both of them carefully.

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